Improved Building Collaboration and Outcomes with BIM Technology

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or general contractor, when executing a project there are two things you always want on your side: time and money. Unfortunately, unforeseen issues throughout your project lifecycle can result in costly schedule delays and unnecessary change orders. BIM technology combats this by preventing errors in the first place.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Construction is a type of “value engineering,” an organized process by which all project stakeholders can collaborate and coordinate building production efforts from shared project information.

BIM is a more interactive way to design and plan, with MEP professionals able to view the full scope of work in a way that standard 2D plans do not permit. Using detailed 3D models that integrate all of the design intentions for your property, design and construction professionals can resolve conflicts that wouldn’t have been discovered until well into physical construction.

Using the latest in BIM technology and AEC practices, Helm BIM offers a proactive and methodical approach tailored to your unique project, saving you time, labor, and capital while assuring your desired outcome.

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Why Helm BIM?

With more than 30 years of combined experience in construction, MEP coordination, engineering, and laser scanning among other specialties, our team at Helm BIM doesn’t just know what we’re talking about – we’ve lived it. For that reason, we model to a fabrication standard for construction and serve as a full-service BIM resource. Through virtual modeling, we keep your project on course from conception through construction. 

Benefits of Helm’s BIM Construction Processes

Initial Visualization

Your team can come to an earlier concept agreement on what the building should include.

Risk Understanding

Evaluate the feasibility of designs and any risks involved with construction.

Design & Construction Coordination

Leverage a well-organized, cloud-hosted BIM process to ensure seamless coordination between trades.

Construction Planning

Use BIM documentation to enhance project scheduling and cost estimation.

Building Operation and Management

3D BIM models created by Helm BIM for construction can also be repurposed for building and systems management to collect building data for ownership.


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