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Helm BIM Coordinates New York City Theater

A historic theater New York recently underwent an extensive renovation and Helm BIM was able to serve as a critical BIM resource. The space was being used as the basketball court and gym and was being adapted for the needs

Creating Prefabricated Spools with BIM

Prefabricated Spools Defined & Helm BIM Project Showcase What are Prefabricated Spools?  Prefabricated spools are pre-assembled sections of plumbing or mechanical pipe that are manufactured off-site and delivered to the construction site for installation. The fabrication of these spools involves

one world trade diagram

Project Overview: One World Trade

To engage in a pro-active program, the goal of which is to identify and report coordination problems or issues early in the process and sufficiently prior to fabrication or installation to avoid delaying the schedule and unnecessary change orders. ​

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Top 5 Benefits of BIM in Construction

Building Information Modeling is more than just 3D pictures and as-built models – it is a well-executed process that allows all project stake holders to deliver buildings more efficiently.

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