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Helm Services for Plumbers

Helm works with Plumbing professionals to make sure they have all the in-field information that they will need to get their jobs completed. Below are several kinds of requests that we get from our Plumber clients. Whether the task is a small drafting project or participating in a full coordination effort on behalf of a plumber, Helm is ready to respond.  

plumbing CAD overlay

CAD Overlays – The benefit of looking at all project information on one sheet is many times overlooked. One of our clients is the plumber on a new construction fast food restaurant in Philadelphia came to us with this request recently. He needed to reference both measurement information from the Architectural Plans along with Plumbing Drawings from the mechanical plans. He also requested that we show dimensions off column lines to locations where drains would be placed in the space. To create this information, we requested the CAD files from both the Architect and Engineer and overlayed both sets of information in CAD. This is a fairly simple process. Aside from the overlay we also space text out to ensure that everything is legible. The same plumber also asked us to overlay his plumbing drawings with the carpenter’s truss drawings so that potential interferences above stub up locations could be recognized.

plumber isometric drawing

Plumbing Drafting and Isometric Drawings – Another Plumber shared an architectural contract drawing with his by-hand mark ups for his plumbing design. He asked that we create his rough drawing into clean construction documentation. Helm took the plumber’s sketch and turned them into highly detailed plumbing drawings with associated schedules for plumbing and pipe. The design specs provided to us were carefully modeled in 3D so the model could be used to pull schedules. For this client, Helm was able to help them submit their designs for sign off much faster and with more certainty.

plumbing modeling

Plumbing BIM Modeling & Coordination – While some clients rely on Helm for drafting, others who are working within an established BIM process can benefit from our experience. A BIM process is one where project information is exchanged, shared and showcased for all project stakeholders. Each trade must provide models that are developed to a level that can be used for coordination and fabrication. Models go through a clash resolution process floor by floor with other trades before final drawings can be produced. This means modeling schedules and revisions must be met on time so the coordination effort can move forward on schedule. Rather than allocating in-house resources to manage this process, Plumbers turn to Helm for support. Helm’s modeling team has the experience to create 3D models and participate in coordination meetings. Making sure models are prepared for weekly meetings and making the necessary adjustments between meetings ensures the coordination process is as efficient as possible.

These are just some of the ways that Helm collaborates with Plumbing Professionals using BIM!