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Project Spotlight: Apple Store Miami World Center

The development of Apple’s new retail space at Miami World Center highlighted a unique approach to construction, where Helm BIM played a critical role in the pre-construction and development phases of the project. Helm BIM’s involvement began with a BIM constructability analysis review of the initial designs created by renowned architectural firm, Gensler and engineering firm, Setty. This step was pivotal in ensuring that the visionary concepts were not only architecturally sound but also practical and sustainable, aligning with LEED principles and energy efficiency goals.


Upon completing constructability analysis, Helm BIM’s focus shifted towards working closely with subcontractors. This collaboration was essential for translating the audited designs into detailed construction plans that were accurate, efficient, and feasible. By leveraging advanced technology such as 3D Laser Scanning, Helm BIM was instrumental in identifying potential issues early in the construction process, allowing for precise adjustments and preventing costly corrections later on.

Architectural Rendering as featured in Profile Miami

Layered Birds Eye View of the BIM Model

Helm Value Add

Helm excels through its project leadership, client communication and ability to reroute amongst the MEP trades. This project presented it challenges however, Josh Bronshtein and the Helm team with their construction and MEP BIMcoordination expertise were able to help refine the project details within the 3D space during the pre-construction phase of the project.  

The project’s commitment to sustainability was evident in its design, notably through the use of energy-efficient materials like timber wood and the incorporation of features such as a printed curved exterior wall, which not only added to the aesthetic appeal but also contributed to the building’s overall energy performance. 

Helm BIM entered the process with a critical eye, ensuring that the ambitious designs were feasible for construction. The firm’s subsequent collaboration with subcontractors was crucial for creating detailed, construction-ready plans that met the project’s high standards for quality, sustainability, and architectural integrity.

Detailed MEP Renderings with Helm

 In summary, the construction of Apple’s retail space at Miami World Center serves as an example of how a focused, technology-driven approach by Helm BIM, starting with a thorough audit and followed by a close collaboration with subcontractors, can lead to the successful realization of complex and innovative construction projects.