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Project Overview: One World Trade

Helm's Objective

To engage in a pro-active program, the goal of which is to identify and report coordination problems or issues early in the process and sufficiently prior to fabrication or installation to avoid delaying the schedule and unnecessary change orders. ​

  • 3D Laser Scan Existing Conditions ​
  • Model Constructible MEP Systems in 3D​
  • Spatially Coordinate around Structure and Architecture​
  • Run Clash Detection between Subcontractors​
  • Produce Constructible Shop Drawings ​

Example As-Built Project Scope

one world trade diagram

Sea Water Air Conditioning Piping System Replacement

One World Trade is cooled by a Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) system. While this mechanical system is highly efficient, the pipe and pumps are subject to corrosion from salt water over time. Due to the corrosive nature of salt water, the piping systems needed to be replaced with new polypropylene pipe.​

Project Restrictions:​

  • Systems needed to stay operational during replacement ​

Helm Solution:​

  1. 3D Laser Scan ​
  2. LOD 400 As Built Model ​
  3. Identify phasing of demo and new construction​
  4. 3D Model new plastic piping system​
  5. Provide B.O.M for pricing to ownership ​
  6. Produce Shop Drawings & Pre-Fabricated Spool sheets​

Step 1: 3D Laser Scan

3d scan one world trade

The Helm Team captured the space with both a 3D Laser Scanner and a 3D VR Tour camera, collecting both point cloud and visual data.

For projects like these our team uses an RTC360 by Leica Geosystems. Each 3D Laser Scan is compiled and connected to create a unified 3D Point Cloud File. This file is used as a backdrop in 3D modeling software like Autodesk Revit or Navisworks.

As a visual aid, Helm also provides 3D VR Tours with Matterport so all project stakeholders can look at the site with ease.

Step 2: LOD 400 As-Built Model Creation

LOD 400 One World Trade

With a unified point cloud file published, Helm models within Autodesk Revit to represent the existing conditions. Our models are created at a Level of Development 400 meaning that they are fabrication quality.  

Step 3 – Identify Phasing of Demo and New Construction

Phasing one and Phasing two at One World Trade

Step 4: 3D Model New Plastic Piping System

Helm then worked with the client to create a new mechanical pipe design. New Pipe supplier Nupi America Polypropylene Pipe and fittings.

fittings diagram one World trade

Step 5: Provide BOM Pricing to Ownership 

BOM pricing One World trade

Step 6: Produce Shop Drawings & Prefabricated Spools

shop drawings One World Trade